The Skytrack System was developed as a direct result of collaboration between Skyform (Scotland) Limited the cradle access specialists and W.A. Fairhurst and Partners, Consulting Engineers. Skytrack is a simple, straight forward, cost effective solution to safe, high rise access and overcomes the usual problems of lack of stability when working at height in suspended cradles on high rise buildings.

With the cradle rollers housed as they are within integral guides the cradle does not come into direct contact with the cladding, leaving it free from tracking marks affecting elevation. The system thus restrained is significantly lees prone to wind effects that its competitors, leading to increased productivity without prejudicing safety.

Load testing, if required, to prove the equipment's capabilities may be carried out with a minimum lead-in time once the cradle is erected on the building. Overnight and whilst not in use, cradles are generally left at ground level pulled away from the building and enclosed in secure fencing. With this system, the cradle may be left above the ground floor securely attached to the building, reducing the risk of vandalism.